Endangered Alphabets Project

Hello and welcome to the Endangered Alphabets Project!

The Endangered Alphabets Project is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit based in Vermont that supports endangered, minority and indigenous cultures by preserving their writing systems, which involves making artwork out of their texts; exhibiting this artwork and presenting on the importance of cultural preservation; and creating and publishing educational materials and games in endangered alphabets. Its founder and president Tim Brookes is a world authority on endangered writing systems both as a scholar and an artist. His book Endangered Alphabets is the only book on the subject.

The current goal of this Globe project is to localize an Open House Zoom series. Celia and Jacqueline are using this Globe project to develop a crowd localization strategy, there are no defined roles and minimal commitment is required. (You can sign up to transcribe a 1-minute segment!) Please visit our Teams channel (accessible to MIIS community only) or this page to learn more about the project and claim a task. Feel free to contact Jacqueline on Teams or at cxu@middlebury.edu or post a message in the channel if you have any questions!

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