From Memsource to Crowdin

Client: Endangered Languages Project.
Team members: Wesley Close, Peter Chea, Tzu Chieh Tsai, In Young Kim, Jie Zhao, Jacobsen Miller, Megan Ling

Recently, we finished migrating from Memsource to Crowdin. It was a huge task to complete, because all of our resources were in Memsource. Although the migration was not a simple one, it was worth the effort, because Crowdin has a much simpler interface and is much easier for vendors to use. Multiple vendors can collaborate on the same project at their convenience (either on their own or simultaneously) through the use of a link provided by the Project Manager.
During this process, our teammates Peter Chea and Tzu Chieh Tsai (Viola) contributed a lot. They figured out how to migrate all of our resources from Memsource to Crowdin. So special thanks to Peter and Viola and a shout out to our team for convincing the client to switch to Crowdin!

Jie Zhao (Stefan)

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